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Five Star Plastics proudly introduces the Connex 500™ system to the region.

The Connex 500™ is the first 3-D printing system to jet multiple materials simultaneously offering the unique ability to print parts and assemblies made from multiple model materials with different mechanical or physical properties all in a single build.

Connex 500™ Three Dimensional Printer from Five Star PlasticsTaking the revolution even further, Five Star and Connex 500™ can fabricate Digital Materials™ on the fly, enabling us to create composite materials that have preset combinations of mechanical properties. This technology is great for making true over-molded parts, gaskets, grips, soft touch areas on a part, or blended materials all built together as one part at the same time.

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With the Connex 500™, there are so many possibilities!

rapid prototyping from Five Star Plastics

Rapid Prototyping Solutions - Five Star Plastics

Over-molded parts, gaskets,
     grips, and soft touch areas

Digital Materials™ fabrication

Shore A and Shore D materials on
     the same prototype

Outstanding surface finish and      exceptional accuracy

Material specification sheet

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