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Engineering Rapid Prototyping Cast Urethane Rapid Tooling Quality Injection Molding Assembly

Five Star Plastics cast urethane models simulate the look and feel of injection molded components for a fraction of the cost.

A diverse selection of cast urethane materials allow engineers to select a material that closely resembles the physical properties of the thermoplastic that will be in the resulting product. Limited quantity requirements with an extremely fast turnaround make cast urethane models a perfect product development choice.

Cast Urethane Solutions - Five Star PlasticsSilicone tooling is the least expensive tool technology to produce multiple functional prototype parts.

Cast urethane prototype parts are an excellent option when you need high quality models, covers and enclosures, transparent applications, elastomers, custom color match, multi-shot, and functional models to use in field samples for marketing, trade shows, or customer demonstrations.


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Cast Urethane Solutions - Five Star Plastics

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