Urethane casting is the ideal process for low to mid product volumes.

Urethane cast models simulate the look and feel of injection molded components -- for a fraction of the cost while also cutting the lead time of your project significantly.

High-quality urethane cast models are most commonly utilized as:

  • Marketing Tools
  • Functional Trade Show Models
  • Customer Demonstration Tools
  • Low Volume Production

With the customization options for cast urethane models, engineers can easily select from a wide variety of materials and characteristics that best represent the physical properties of a final product.

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Cast Urethane Capabilities

  • Multi-Shot Parts
  • Custom Color Matching
  • Insert Molded Cast Models
  • Decorative 2nd Operation Accents and Graphics
  • Any Shore A Durometer and Any Shore D Hardness
  • Medical
  • Light Pipe
  • Impact Resistant
  • FDA
  • Multi-Level Transparency
  • UL Flame Rated