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Five Star Plastics offers turnkey project management with a full suite of engineering services to meet your plastic needs.

Rapid Prototyping

Five Star Plastics is a pioneer in the rapid prototyping industry and has the expertise to meet your unique plastics requirements.

   Rapid Prototyping Finishing Standards

Cast Urethane

Cast urethane models simulate the look and feel of injection molded components for a fraction of the cost. Limited quantity requirements with an extremely fast turnaround make cast urethane models a perfect product development choice.

Rapid Tooling

Five Star Plastics offers rapid tooling solutions to meet your specific product development needs. Our tooling process ensures a high quality mold with extremely fast turn around.


Five Star Plastics offers a variety of quality solutions for you. Our dedicated and trained quality technicians ensure processes are in control and dimensional integrity is maintained.

Injection Molding

Five Star Plastics' core business is providing injection molding solutions that meet your specific market demands.


Five Star Plastics offers many assembly and decorating processes to build value into the plastic manufacturing process.

Mingler Party Plates

Five Star Plastics produces and sells Mingler Party Plates for Corporate Events and Private Private Parties.

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