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Engineering Rapid Prototyping Cast Urethane Rapid Tooling Quality Injection Molding Assembly

Rapid Prototyping Finishing Standards

Level 1 - Standard

• Remove all powder or supports.
• Check overall dimensions for accuracy and consistency.
• Drill holes as needed.
• Bond and fill seam of segmented parts together, if built
   in multiple parts.
• Coat SLS parts with Five Star Curing Agent (unless    specified).
• Light sand to blend surfaces and bead blast.

Level 2

(Level 1 plus the following)

• Fill cosmetic surface imperfections.
• Remove layer lines from cosmetic surfaces.
• Prime part to a fine primed finish on cosmetic surfaces.

Level 3 - Master

(Level 2 plus the following)

• Fill accessible surface imperfections.
• Remove layer lines from accessible surfaces.
• Paint or prime part with a light texture for a smooth
   consistent appearance, unless specified otherwise.
• Prime part to a fine finish on accessible
   non-visual surfaces.

Level 4 - Custom

(Could include, but not limited to the following)

• Textured or smooth finish.
• Custom color match.
• Multi-color/multi-texture.
• Polishing.
• Photo quality.

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